About ModularWP

Hello, my name is Alex Mansfield. I'm the developer behind ModularWP and I'm working to bring modular content to WordPress. Currently, WordPress offers many different ways to create and store data. There are posts, pages, widgets, sidebars, customizer controls, settings pages, shortcodes and meta boxes, just to name a few. If you've spent much time building custom sites with WordPress, you know how repetitive and time consuming it can be to work with these building blocks. They can be great blocks individually, but what if they were interchangeable? What if you could turn a meta box into a customizer control and vice versa? What if you could use a post as a widget, or a widget as a shortcode? More importantly, what if you could build a single module and use it interchangeably in all those places?

This seems like a lofty goal, so I'm working on taking it one step at a time (or maybe two at a time every now and then). Keep an eye on the blog for more information as it unfolds. If you're interested in modular content for WordPress, let me know via twitter. I'd love to hear from you!